Modified oligonucleotides

The synthesis of labelled oligonucleotides DNA and RNA (a synthesis of molecular probes):

  • Single labelling with fluorochromes 3’ and 5’
  • Dual labelling: a fluorochrome – non-fluorescent quencher
  • Internal labelling with fluorochromes
  • Binding of synthetic ssDNA and ssRNA with proteins

The result:
The synthesis product will be issued in a form of purified oligonucleotide (personal collection or mail delivery). The price of modified oligonucleotide includes price of non-modified oligonucleotide with regards to various purification options (compare the offer of standard oligonucleotides synthesis) along with price of introducing a modifying group/reagent into a oligonucleotide (below). In case of synthesis of molecular probes such as molecular beacons, dual labeled fluorogenic probes and other probes of FRET type(i.e. for Real Time PCR reaction) HPLC as a method of purification is recommended./has to be chosen.

Price offer of the synthesis with introduction of standard modifying group scale of synthesis 0.2 [uM]*
Modifying group/reagents Labelling 5' Labelling 3' Internal labelling
5-FAM/6-FAM 165   (dT) 450
TET 190    
HEX 190    
JOE 370    
ROX 380    
Cy3/Cy5 320    
Pulsar®650   390  
TAMRA 240 290  
BHQ-0   390  
BHQ-1   350  
BHQ-2   390  
BHQ-3   390  
Aminolink C18 (spacer) 220   220
Biotin 150    

* Price offer for 0,04[uM] scale is 25% cheaper than for standard 0,2 [uM] scale whereas prices for scale 1 [uM] are 40% higher in comparison to standard scale. We guarantee +/- 30% efficiency with respect to standard 20-nucleotide synthesis product after standard purification (desalting). Application of additional non-standard purification may result in bringing down guaranteed efficiency. Delivery time for oligonucleotides labelled with standard modifying groups/reagents - within 8 working days. There is a possibility to request rare modifying groups/reagents (not listed in the table) and introduce them into a nucleotide. The term of realisation will be prolonged in accordance with delivery time of requested reagents. In each case, please contact our laboratory. With orders of oligonucleotides above 80 alkalis the price of synthesis increases by 50%. Details on our discount –further down in a link: Special offer.

Starters and fluorescently labelled molecular probes design

Our company offers projects of molecular probes (i.e. molecular beacons, scorpions etc.) on the basis of provided array sequences, for which the probes are to be designed, and information related to detection method (i.e. type of apparatus for Real Time PCR reaction). A project includes 1-3 options of thermodynamically analysed probes’ sequences along with a set of fluorochromes/ quenchers suitable for a chosen research method. In the case of each order please contact our staff. Net price of a project is 350PLN.