Order paternity testing


Before testing please contact us by phone or over internet in order to:

  1. make an appointment for witnessed ? collection of biological material ( usually ordered by court) or
  2. order a package with Home DNA Test Kit (Bio-Test) which is a simple mouth smear. (instruction on buccal swab collection).
    We send the Kit by mail under given address. You can easily send it back to our BioTe21 lab after independent sample taking from yourself, a child or other parties. We would like to inform you that independent sample taking is not approved by court and the result, however identical with witnessed sample collection, is not a legal proof.
    "Testing scheme"

To start with, please choose proper test (price list) and complete simple order form: download form (file .doc, 10 Kb)

Official relationship testing approved by court

If you decide to witnessed collection of biological material in the presence of our staff (required by court), we invite you to our office where in friendly atmosphere we will take and secure your DNA sample for further research. Witnessed sample collection as in the case of independent Home DNA Test Kit involves non-invasive buccal smear from the mouth.

Relationship testing for private purposes

If you are interested in taking DNA sample on your own, begin from ordering the Home DNA Test Kit (instruction on buccal swab collection), collect the sample and send it back to our address. The Kit includes all essential items as well as stamps and self-addressed envelope – just post it and we will deal with everything. The testing can be done entirely anonymously (samples’ symbols known only to client) but it won’t be recognised as a proof in court.

Genetic identification testing based on microtraces

Please contact our staff contact

Genetic identification and relationship testing – for institutions and corporations

Please contact our specialists contact

How to place an order:

  1. by e-mail:
  2. by hand of set up earlier and coded electronic account log on
  3. by mail delivery
  4. personally, in BioTe21 office