Terms of order, prices and order’s realisation deadlines


BioTe21 Genetic Identification Laboratory conducts examinations of genetic identification and relationship analysis during 10 working days; this period starts from the day of order’s acceptance. In reasonable cases of examining large number of samples, we reserve the right to negotiate realisation’s deadline and conditions. However, it is always done in advance, before the order is accepted. In case of receiving destroyed or incorrectly sampled DNA, we reserve the right to extend the examination period for another 10 working days, starting from the day of repeated delivery of the biological material that is suitable for examination. Results of express examinations are to be produced during 5 working days, starting from the day of order’s realisation.

First day after the proof of payment, which states that the full order’s price has been paid, is received and the biological material for examinations is delivered, is considered as a date of order’s acceptance.

There is a crediting period of 30 days, which starts from the day when invoice is issued, and a 20%-rebate for orders including more than 20 identification tests (the above-mentioned are valid only for institutional and corporation customers).

Payment can be done at our office or by a bank wire to the account indicated below: PKO BP S.A. 45 1020 2906 0000 1702 0132 5414