Paternity tests


We would like to present the most accurate genetic paternity tests (16-19 independent STR markers), relationship tests and genetic identification tests.

Thanks to the analysis of 16-19 independent somatic STR markers, we are able to exclude paternity with the probability of 100% and to confirm this with the statistic probability verging on certainty.

The basic paternity test for 2-3 persons (test name: TIG-16) is very fast – result is obtained during 6-10 working days – and cheap – at a promotional price of 900 PLN (incl. tax; until tests’ promotion is abandoned).

Exceptionally easy and non-invasive sampling of biological material, which is cheek swab, allows for individual (with the help of our instructions) sampling and sending of the material belonging to a child, putative father and/or mother, as well as for a completely anonymous examination.

How to sample the biological material individually?

However, in case of examinations required for judicial purposes, it is necessary to conduct an officially-recorded sampling of the biological material. We are waiting for you in BioTe21 Genetic Identification Laboratory, which is located at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University. It is where we conduct all genetic analyses (we do not send such tests to abroad laboratories, thus we are sure of strictly enforced confidentiality of all examinations’ results).

Prestigious, GEDNAP32 and GEDNAP33 international certificates for the genetic analysis of STR type markers, as well as the unique certificate of sequential analysis of mitochondrial DNA in varying regions of mtDNA-HVI and mtDNA-HVII, are quality confirmation of examinations being conducted.

We can guarantee the highest certainty of result on the market, the shortest realisation periods, absolute protection of personal data, as well as promotional prices.

We are asking you to fill the order form for paternity test and to order a ZBM kit for individual sampling of the biological material. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone.
In order to meet your expectations, we have also created a safe system of electronic order placement and an encrypted system of obtaining results, that allows maintaining complete anonymity.

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