Genetic identification and paternity testing

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In our BioTe21 laboratory we highly rate accuracy of our research and therefore we conduct the testing on 18 independent genetic STR systems found on somatic chromosomes, as well as we examine 19teen sex identification system, found on X and Y chromosomes. In Poland standard paternity tests are based on maximum 11-15 systems and other markers are added only in disputable cases and to pronounced client’s wish.

The Laboratory of Genetic Identification has introduced 3 additional somatic markers as a rule and for that reason our tests give the certainty of results, without extra fees.

In order to conduct basic relationship analysis, The European Network of Forensic Science Institute (ENFSI), FBI and Interpol have recommended paternity testing using at least 13 independent genetic markers (loci). The 13 basic loci are used i.e. by FBI in American national database CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) where results of genetic identification are compared and stored (DNA profiles). In order to build up confidence in tests results, new tests applying 15 STR genetic markers have occurred on the market.
In the BioTe21 Genetic Identification Laboratory we have introduced 18 STR genetic markers (and sex marker) recommended by:

  • European Police Network,
  • Interpol,
  • The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI),
  • GITAD (Grupo Iberoamericano de Trabajo en Analisis de DNA),
  • The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).