Genetic material

Simple and non-invasive oral mucous membrane swab is a material needed to determine a genetic profile. The cheek swab is a perfect source of large DNA amounts, which is a material required to determine an individual genetic profile. Should you make someone a surprise gift, we may determine his identifying genetic code (without his knowledge) on the basis of microtraces. We will be pleased to provide you with necessary information by phone or e-mail.

If you want to make an analysis of genetic material for the ArtGen21 purposes, please contact us personally at our Genetic Identification Laboratory; alternatively you may order a consignment containing the Kit for Individual Sampling and Securing the Biological Material – ZMB (instructions for sampling the biological material), thanks to which you will be able to perform a simple oral swab. The kit is sent by a postal consignment to the address indicated and can be sent back easily for analysis to the address of BioTe21 company, after individual sampling of the material.